Using VoiceThread to Facilitate Asynchronous Communication: A Design Case

  • Jesús Trespalacios
Palabras clave: Online education, VoiceThread, multimedia, instructional design


Online courses have traditionally used text as the only medium to communicate. However, new technologies make it easier than ever before to integrate audio and video communication into online courses. The purpose of this design case study is twofold. Firstly, we sought to describe the different instructional activities designed for an Instructional Design online graduate course. Secondly, this study undertook to explain the integration of VoiceThread (a Web 2.0 tool with multimedia capabilities) to facilitate students’ interactions and the revisions made on some activities that used this tool. Data collected from two surveys administered at the end of the course showed the effectiveness of the changes implemented in the instructional activities and the advantages of using VoiceThread.


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Trespalacios, J. (2016). Using VoiceThread to Facilitate Asynchronous Communication: A Design Case. Revista Perspectiva Empresarial, 3(2), 7-13.